We offer a very economical and also a simple heating system

"The possibilities are great and vast. You can choose a floor wall, ceiling, or a combined version and set the heating tape wherever it suits you, below or above the space above or below the floor surface. Regardless of the position of the radiator to guarantee a great sense of space."



Low initial investment
    All you need is :
  • simple electrical connection
  • or alternative sources of energy
Low power consumption
    Low power consumption is achieved:
  • (economical) regime
  • comfortable temp. profile
  • work without loss
  • low-temperature
Low maintenance costs
    No annual expenditure:
  • maintenance of boilers
  • tanks
  • heaters, pumps
  • electronics
Composite heating
    You can choose :
  • floor - wall
  • ceiling version
  • combined version
  • below the floor surface