Frequently asked questions and answers about the environmental heat

- Low initial investment and extremely low power consumption, maintenance costs are negligible, durability, safety, 100% ... Easy access to alternative sources of renewable energy.

- Smooth and equable heat transfer and ideal temperature profile. The exceptional climatic conditions in the heated.

- The extremely high heating body provides an extremely low temperature heating.

- No adverse effects on blood flow because the required low temperatures to warm to room (from 22-30 degrees)

- Installation without chimneys, and space for energy storage for energy (tanks, utility rooms for heating boilers of various types)

- Save 10% housing (no radiators)

- A small amount of dust mite smaller, less bacteria, less allergies.

- Increase hygiene in housing.

- For a whole or partial solutions for residential or commercial property, for all types of flooring .... the new building and adaptation of space.






- The system operates in a completely safe way to 3-24V voltage

- Heating tape can be drilled without consequences or fully immersed in water


LOW HOME INVESTMENT - To install our heating is not required chimney, a special area for energy or stored energy

- All you need is a simple electrical connection, or a source of alternative energy

- Initial costs are much lower than in solutions with boilers

- No payments for gas connections or increase the engaged power

VERY LITTLE SPENDING - Low power operation is achieved without loss of low-temperature (economical) mode and a pleasant temperature profile

- Low temperature (Eco) mode

- Provides extremely high heating body.

- Heating tape to cover 90% of the floor depending on the type of space where the sets.

- For reasons of heating effects should not work more than 30 degrees.

- The logical consequence of the minimum energy, while in other types of heating systems require higher temperatures because of less heat radiator and the surface temperature required for underfloor heating on the water is 45 degrees on a radiator heating about 70 degrees. THE LESS SURFACE HEATING BODY TO HIGHER TEMPERATURES AND HIGHER COST

- Each degree lower in the heating process is equally small percentage of consumption by as much 6%.

- No regular maintenance

- No annual expenditure for maintenance of boilers, heaters, pumps, electronics, tanks, radiators chimney.

- AL-heating body belts are protected from mechanical and chemical damage

- Without consequences, you can punch them or soak in water or other liquids

- Questions are durable and amortization

- Circuit for power and control is a simple, reliable and durable - Therefore, the eventual repair fast and cheap.

RESIDENTIAL AREA - When we talk about the economy, we must mention that with the installation of our heating systems save 10% of housing and furniture that you can distribute as you wish, but not to dictate the position of the radiator and place set in the space

PLEASURE Extremely low temperature conditions and extremely high heating body and can offer you nothing but pure pleasure. Atmosphere and we have dedicated the most attention. The results are as follows:

- Equally distributed and balanced heat transfer

- Equally distributed heat source on the ground and in space

- Nearly ideal temperature profile (hot-cold feet head)


- This heating system has virtually no limitations.

- Can make up almost all indoor heat losses, regardless of their size or purpose. From individual small spaces such as bathrooms to complete housing facilities and halls.

- Having fed safely with voltage (3-24V) heating tape in terms of safety, we can install anywhere

- PVC sheet with bituminous protection they provide very good chemical, power and mechanical protection, so that appropriate for outdoor and indoor use

- For specific design them without consequence whether we can drill.

- Lose their function only if they cut a.

- When the heater (heating tape) can be easily cut and paste is the same as before the same section.

- Installation is very simple and fast, regardless of whether it is new construction or adaptation.

- The choice of temperature regime for each area separately.

- Possibility in terms of physical planning without interference (radiators, storage, etc.).

- Causing noise, odors, dust circulation and the body of harmful surface temperature

- Good control facilities (each area)

- Choice of floor, wall, or a combined version of the assembly ..

- In the wall version of the possibilities limitless. Tapes can be deposited on the floor or wall.

- It is behind the bar (on the outside and inside of the wall) there is some insulation. When dry adaptation of the heating strips typically cover with gypsum board.

- With a little effort we can get the heat just as valuable floor heating.


- It is located in the metal case the size 38x25x10 or 38x48x10 cm .

- Usually you build in the wall, so that after completion of the installation are visible only the cover and the thermostat.

- There are other solutions but this is the most practical.

- Since electronics may not be in the same space - heating is generally on the corridor.

- In the space that attains only install thermostats


- We offer a very economical and also a simple heating system which is adaptable to all your needs.

- The possibilities are endless and great

- You can choose a floor wall, ceiling, or a combined version and set the heating tape wherever it suits you, below or above the space above or below the floor surface.

- Regardless of the position of the radiator to guarantee a great sense of space. - The extremely high heating body covers up to 90% of the floor, because the heating temperature and extremely low.

- Therefore there is no fear of harmful effects on the circulatory system.

- Heating function without chimneys, and space for energy storage tanks for fuel.

- To install you need only electricity

- All it takes is a low voltage (3-24V) so that you can use the energy from alternative sources (solar, wind, ....)

- Regardless of the use of completely non-hazardous, low voltage, the system has no limit

- Equally well as heating individual rooms and entire buildings or halls.

- No regular maintenance. Failures are rare, and negligible financial.

- In the sphere of economy and the need to mention that consumption is very small.

- For the first information to say that the heating 50m2, normally insulated housing would not dare spend more than 350 KW of energy per month.

- Thus, modest consumption can be completely annulled the installation of alternative energy sources.